Elevate Your Child's Dining Experience May 29 2023

When it comes to creating an enjoyable dining experience for your little ones, the right cutlery and tableware can make all the difference. Alessi and UN Studios, two renowned brands known for their impeccable design and quality, offer a delightful range of children's cutlery and tableware that combine functionality, aesthetics, and safety. Let's dive into the world of Alessi and UN Studios and discover how they can elevate your child's dining experience.

  1. Design Meets Functionality: Alessi and UN Studios understand the importance of combining aesthetics with functionality, especially when it comes to children's cutlery and tableware. They have carefully crafted their collections to cater to the needs and preferences of young diners. With ergonomically designed handles, these utensils are easy for little hands to hold and maneuver, promoting independence and self-feeding skills. The unique shapes, vibrant colors, and playful patterns of Alessi and UN Studios pieces add a touch of whimsy to mealtime, transforming it into a joyful experience.

  2. High-Quality Materials for Safety: Safety is of utmost importance when it comes to children's dining essentials, and Alessi and UN Studios have taken great care to ensure their products meet the highest standards. Made from premium materials lile Melamine and Stainless steel, their cutlery and tableware are safe for your child to use. These brands prioritize durability, ensuring that their products can withstand the wear and tear of everyday use.

  3. Aesthetically Pleasing: Children's cutlery and tableware from Alessi and UN Studios go beyond functionality and safety—they are aesthetically pleasing too. Inspired by contemporary design, their collections feature sleek lines, modern shapes, and vibrant colors that appeal to both children and adults alike.

Elevate your child's dining experience with Alessi and UN Studios today!

The Five Seasons from Alessi May 01 2019

We are so excited to introduce this innovative range of candles and diffusers into our edit. 

The scents were created with the advice of one of the most important perfume makers in Grasse. Regarded as the world’s perfume capital, the French town is known for its cultivation of flowers and sophisticated production techniques. Five new fragrances emerged out of this meticulous research.

The personalities of the fragrances are suggested by their highly evocative names: “Brrr” (Winter), mature, fresh and bright with notes of bergamot, lily of the valley and musk; “Ahhh” (Spring), young and delicate with the freshness of a mystical garden and with notes of cardamom, hyacinth and vetiver; “Hmm” (Summer), vibrant and hearty, warm and inviting with a bouquet of figs, red fruits and mixed woods; “Grrr” (Autumn) complex, dense, smoky and sensual with a mix of incense, cedar wood and moss; “Shhh” (Special) mysterious, spiritual, obscure and enveloping, with hints of eucalyptus, rose and patchouli. These authentic fragrances fill the air with seductive notes that evoke the cyclical nature of the seasons.

We have chosen “The Five Seasons” leaf fragrance diffuser, the scented candles,  and the cutest ever Candle snuffer. Precious materials, like porcelain and mahogany wood, and elements inspired by nature, like twigs, shape the design of the entire range. Smell, touch, sight and irony are the common threads throughout of the collection, but each with a new aesthetic. Five fragrant seasons that are harmonious throughout the year in any domestic setting.

The mahogany leaf fragrance diffuser is perhaps the piece that best captures the spirit of the collection. The porcelain bowl, white for the four seasons and black for the season of transcendence, is circular with a slightly rounded base.
The leaves used to diffuse a different scent for each season, are made from sapele mahogany, chosen for its porosity and colour, which enhances the silhouette of the design. Only three twigs come into contact with the fragrance: for a more intense scent the elements can be moved around so the dry twigs also absorb the perfume.
The leaf fragrance diffuser is sold together with a 150-ml bottle of essence. The scent lasts for two to three months depending on the temperature and the level of humidity in the home.

The rounded base of the diffuser enables the bowl to rotate: a little push and it begins to spin, allowing the air to circulate among the leaves and the fragrance to disseminate more widely throughout the room.



The Scented candle is housed in a porcelain bowl closed with a decorated ash wood lid, which can also be used as a base. The candles are made from an entirely vegetable – based wax and have a cotton and linen wick. They are 250 grams and last for around 40 hours. The wax and porcelain bowl of the scents dedicated to the four seasons are white, while the fifth season dedicated to transcendence comes in black.

The wax is “Made in Italy”. The lid is made by artisans from the Valle Strona, an area of Lake Orta close to Alessi’s headquarter. This area has been known for its wood craftsmanship since the early 1500s. 

The five scents of Alessi Home Fragrances, 'AHHH', 'HMMM', 'GRRR', 'BRRR' and 'SHHH' represent the transformative, cyclical seasons of life – from renewal and blossoming to decay and beyond. The Five Seasons collection is a love song to nature, which is celebrated through the domestic recreation of the seasons: from the regeneration that follows the cold winter and the blossoming of nature in the spring, to the full flowering of the summer and the harvesting of the autumn fruits. These four traditional seasons are joined by a fifth: a spiritual bouquet that connects to your mysterious inner dimension. 

Get a free Alessi Bowl November 29 2017

Spend €100 on Alessi products, and receive a special edition bowl worth €53. Valid as long as stock lasts.

Green Thursday, Black Friday, Cyber Monday November 24 2016

Its a bit like the old song 'I say tomato, you say tomato - lets call the whole thing off. Which ever way you call it; Green Black or Cyber - you really are just looking for a great bargain. So that's what we give you; you say 'GreenBlackCyber2016', and we say '20% off your moods home order'!

Happy shopping! (Just enter GreenBlackCyber2016 as the promo code on check out and you get your discount!)



Hey Ho Hay Ho, off to the fair we go! September 08 2016

We are heading off to the fair in London to see what the new trends are for the upcoming season!

This fair in particular is very exciting as it is the first time we are travelling as parents. What will it be like to combine a tradeshow with looking after a 4 month old will be an interesting new experience.

But that's not the only reason why we are looking forward to it so much. This invitation from Alessi arrived into our inbox and we can't wait to find out what news are in stall from this exciting brand! We love the idea that Alessi and Marcel Wanders have taken inspiration from the Circus for their new range!

Us being away for a week though means there will be no orders shipped until Friday 16th September. Hope this will not inconvenience anyone!


Alberto is in the mood for coffee April 11 2016

We are in complete agreement with Alberto Alessi about the emotionality of deciding what products to use at any given time.  

Can you imagine if you had to put on the same clothes every day you got up? Of course you need different espresso makers to suit your different moods!




We are so delighted to stock a range of products from Alessi's (RED) range. These are special edition versions of some of Alessi's most popular products. With the sale of every of these products Alessi donates 5-10% of their profits to the (RED) Charity.  

(RED) was created by Bono and Bobby Shriver in 2006 to engage millions of people in the greatest challenge of our time – the fight to end AIDS in Africa where 2/3 of the world’s estimated 37 million people with HIV/AIDS live. They work with the world’s most iconic brands and organizations to develop (RED)-branded products and services, that when purchased, trigger corporate giving to the Global Fund. These contributions are then invested in HIV/AIDS programs in Africa, with a focus on countries with high prevalence of mother-to-child transmission of HIV.

We love the idea of being able to buy a gift that gives on two levels; A nice product for you and life saving medication for someone that needs it!

Come see us at the Christmas Fair Nov 22nd! November 17 2015

We are very excited to have our first outing into the real world. It's a unique opportunity to meet some of our customers face to face, and can't wait!

With beautiful Clontarf castle as the venue that Christmassy feeling comes with a guarantee. We had a sneak peak this Sunday as they were putting up the tree and starting to deck the halls and already we were thinking mulled wine and minced pies! we weren't far from breaking into a spontaneous 'Jinglebells' rendition!

So if you are looking to make a big dent in your christmas shopping, come and see us and our 53 fellow stall holders for a proper Christmas extravaganza! It's going to be phenomenal!

Our friend the JUICY SALIF is 25 years old! November 03 2015

It's hard to imagine that someone looking as young and fresh as this crazy juicer by french designer Philippe Starck is already 25 years old! But it's true! Have a look at his history here:

To celebrate we are giving 25% off the Juicy Salif for the next 25 hours! Just use discount code PSJS25 on checkout!± 

Alessi Promotion: The Italian Way July 10 2015

The Italian cuisine is one of the most popular and most widely available in the world. But we would argue it's not just the food itself that the Italians do so well. It is the whole table setting; the way they manage to make the simplest pasta dish elevated not just by it's ingredients, but also the dish it's served in, the cutlery, the bowl for the bread rolls; they all complete the dining experience and make that hump day dinner somehow seem more special! We like to think of this way of setting the table as 'The Italian Way!'

This summer we are bringing you the chance to achieve this sleek look at home at some very good prices. Be quick before they sell out!

Easter Eggstravaganza! March 31 2015

The thought of all the chocolate we will indulge in over next week is close on making us have nightmares about the bathrooms scales showing some horrendous figures this day next week. And even still there will be more chocolate in the house, and you will resort to madly googling recipe ideas for using leftover easter eggs. No we want an alternative!

Why not buy something that you and the kids will love, appreciate and that will bring a smile to your face all the way to next easter instead? These Cico eggcups from Alessi are three things in one, the little man itself is the eggcup, you can fill the hat with salt and pour it out through the little hole on top, and eat it with the spoon. Three things for the price of one!


If you thought that was inventive, how about the Jib-Jib eggcup from Qualy? This little guy just quips 'easter'! The chick itself comes with an internal salt and pepper castor, You twist his head one way, his eyes go black and you can shake out pepper, twist the other way and the eyes go white and you can shake the salt. Leave it in the middle an both the salt and pepper is sealed. But thats not all! You can use his handy little beak to crack the egg in the first place!

If all that utility is too much and all you want is a great quality eggcup; you are happy with the salt and pepper castors you have;  and you have a drawer full of spoons so in fact you were thinking about starting a business selling second hand spoons? Well then this is the eggcup for you. The Girotondo eggcup from Alessi. The Combination of the steel and the plastic is beautiful!

If you enter 'EGGSTRAVAGANZA!' on checkout you will get a 10% discount from now until April 6th!


Michael Graves March 13 2015

It is such sad news to hear that one of Alessi's most iconic designers has passed away. 

Michael Graves died yesterday at the age of 80. Famous for his bold, symbolic references to classical architecture and his use of geometry, Graves is also known as one of the New York Five. His work bridged the abstraction of Modernism and the Postmodernism of the current era.

“No one has made a bigger impact on the world of architecture, certainly from Mercer County, than Michael Graves,” Mercer County Executive Brian Hughes said. “Some people think architects are just people who draw up buildings. They are artists in themselves, and Michael was clearly an artist. He will be greatly missed by the Mercer County community.”

A statement from his practice and an interview with Graves, after the news broke.

It is with deep sadness that Michael Graves Architecture & Design (MGA&D) announces the firm’s Founding Principal Michael Graves has passed away today, suddenly and peacefully, of natural causes. He was in his home in Princeton, New Jersey.

His famous whistling bird kettle will be 30 years old this year. 

VALENTINES February 09 2015

Hate it or love it; Valentines is upon us and its your chance to be a cheesy romantic or raunchy rebel. These are our top 10 gifts to help you say what you feel!



Lets get the hearts out of the way first; the heart-shaped teainfuser from Alessi. To say 'I love you', or be more riské and say 'Let me infuse you! 

More hearts; the heart shaped mug from Alessi. To say; 'Curl up one the couch and cuddle me!' Or bought together with the infuser; 'Just like you and me -two things that go together!'


Is this the day you are going to give your loved one the key to your place? Well then you'll need the Alessi Jalk keyring with the message 'You'll be needing this!'


Another, slightly raunchier version of they keyring message can be; 'Take my key and plug me, eh.. sorry it(!) IT when ever you want!

The Qualy Picky Boy, he is a cheeky chappy. Perfect for the 'Pick me!, Pick me!' messages you want to convey!

The Desk Bunny from Qualy is the perfect way to say: 'You're my Honey Bunny!'

The Pop-Up bottle opener from Alessi is the perfect way to your man's heart; 'Pop your beer then you can pop me! What man wouldn't love to hear that!


What better way to share your love than to buy a heart shaped house for your keys; 'You are my lovebird! 


Is your Valentine a fairly new and un-established relationship? Perhaps 'I'll Tweet you!, Guess Who?' with a Chip bird from Alessi sent to their office emits the right message?


Simply think Valentines is shit but know your partner loves it? Secretly rebel by giving them a toiletbrush and disguise it with a 'Let me pop your Cherry!' message!

Feeling Mellow Yellow March 19 2014

Dear Charlie Banana Stand November 18 2013

Every now and then you come across a product you just can't live without. Dear Charlie - the banana stand from Alessi - is one of those products. Having tried other banana stands in the past I found that as soon as you add more than two or three bananas on it it topples over with the weight. Not so with Dear Charlie. At the moment mine holds 10 comfortably and I could fit more! 

So if I can't live without it I have to make it available for others too. So from today its available to buy from!


Facebook Competition September 17 2013

We are running a little Facebook competition to show our appreciation of all the people who so kindly help us spread the word about our new online venture.

  • First price is that the winner can choose any Ilse Jacobsen rain coat from our website
  • We will have 10 runner-up prices too. For every 10 page likes we get from now on until we reach our 300 Like goal, we will pick one winner of an Alessi Mouse bottle opener, and their name will go on our shortlist for the first price:




  1. Donna Robinson Ratchford
  2. Mairead Henchion
  3. Caroline Sheedy
  4. Sara Kelleher
  5. Lorraine Dumpleton Kennedy
  6. Tara Scanlon
  7. Helen Mahon
  8. Den Boyle
  9. Susanne Fagan
  10. Bridget Pyke

First price winner:

Mairead Henchion




*As soon as the final winner is picked the prizes will be sent out.

Reclaiming Friday 13th September 13 2013

To address the balance of Friday 13th being unlucky we have decided to tip the scales in favour of luck! All day today you can get 13% off your orders by entering Friday 13 2013 as the discount code on check-out!

So go make Friday 13th your lucky day!

100% Italian Promotion September 05 2013

Today we are launching an Alessi promotion. Check out the 100% Italian tag under the MoodsHome collection and you will see a nice range of Alessi products at very special prices!