Green Thursday, Black Friday, Cyber Monday November 24 2016

Its a bit like the old song 'I say tomato, you say tomato - lets call the whole thing off. Which ever way you call it; Green Black or Cyber - you really are just looking for a great bargain. So that's what we give you; you say 'GreenBlackCyber2016', and we say '20% off your moods home order'!

Happy shopping! (Just enter GreenBlackCyber2016 as the promo code on check out and you get your discount!)



Green Thursday Project November 25 2015

We are really exited to be part of the Green Thursday project. This was set up this year to promote irish businesses, and to highlight the importance of the multiplier effect that happens when people shop from Irish businesses as opposed to sending of their cash to huge companies abroad. Hopefully it will make people think twice and take advantage of some great homegrown offers, before the craziness of the imported Black Friday tradition take hold.

So starting now and until midnight tomorrow get 20% off your order by entering the discount code GreenThursday2015 at checkout!

Our friend the JUICY SALIF is 25 years old! November 03 2015

It's hard to imagine that someone looking as young and fresh as this crazy juicer by french designer Philippe Starck is already 25 years old! But it's true! Have a look at his history here:

To celebrate we are giving 25% off the Juicy Salif for the next 25 hours! Just use discount code PSJS25 on checkout!± 

Alessi Promotion: The Italian Way July 10 2015

The Italian cuisine is one of the most popular and most widely available in the world. But we would argue it's not just the food itself that the Italians do so well. It is the whole table setting; the way they manage to make the simplest pasta dish elevated not just by it's ingredients, but also the dish it's served in, the cutlery, the bowl for the bread rolls; they all complete the dining experience and make that hump day dinner somehow seem more special! We like to think of this way of setting the table as 'The Italian Way!'

This summer we are bringing you the chance to achieve this sleek look at home at some very good prices. Be quick before they sell out!

Easter Eggstravaganza! March 31 2015

The thought of all the chocolate we will indulge in over next week is close on making us have nightmares about the bathrooms scales showing some horrendous figures this day next week. And even still there will be more chocolate in the house, and you will resort to madly googling recipe ideas for using leftover easter eggs. No we want an alternative!

Why not buy something that you and the kids will love, appreciate and that will bring a smile to your face all the way to next easter instead? These Cico eggcups from Alessi are three things in one, the little man itself is the eggcup, you can fill the hat with salt and pour it out through the little hole on top, and eat it with the spoon. Three things for the price of one!


If you thought that was inventive, how about the Jib-Jib eggcup from Qualy? This little guy just quips 'easter'! The chick itself comes with an internal salt and pepper castor, You twist his head one way, his eyes go black and you can shake out pepper, twist the other way and the eyes go white and you can shake the salt. Leave it in the middle an both the salt and pepper is sealed. But thats not all! You can use his handy little beak to crack the egg in the first place!

If all that utility is too much and all you want is a great quality eggcup; you are happy with the salt and pepper castors you have;  and you have a drawer full of spoons so in fact you were thinking about starting a business selling second hand spoons? Well then this is the eggcup for you. The Girotondo eggcup from Alessi. The Combination of the steel and the plastic is beautiful!

If you enter 'EGGSTRAVAGANZA!' on checkout you will get a 10% discount from now until April 6th!


Reclaiming Friday 13th September 13 2013

To address the balance of Friday 13th being unlucky we have decided to tip the scales in favour of luck! All day today you can get 13% off your orders by entering Friday 13 2013 as the discount code on check-out!

So go make Friday 13th your lucky day!