The Five Seasons from Alessi May 01 2019

We are so excited to introduce this innovative range of candles and diffusers into our edit. 

The scents were created with the advice of one of the most important perfume makers in Grasse. Regarded as the world’s perfume capital, the French town is known for its cultivation of flowers and sophisticated production techniques. Five new fragrances emerged out of this meticulous research.

The personalities of the fragrances are suggested by their highly evocative names: “Brrr” (Winter), mature, fresh and bright with notes of bergamot, lily of the valley and musk; “Ahhh” (Spring), young and delicate with the freshness of a mystical garden and with notes of cardamom, hyacinth and vetiver; “Hmm” (Summer), vibrant and hearty, warm and inviting with a bouquet of figs, red fruits and mixed woods; “Grrr” (Autumn) complex, dense, smoky and sensual with a mix of incense, cedar wood and moss; “Shhh” (Special) mysterious, spiritual, obscure and enveloping, with hints of eucalyptus, rose and patchouli. These authentic fragrances fill the air with seductive notes that evoke the cyclical nature of the seasons.

We have chosen “The Five Seasons” leaf fragrance diffuser, the scented candles,  and the cutest ever Candle snuffer. Precious materials, like porcelain and mahogany wood, and elements inspired by nature, like twigs, shape the design of the entire range. Smell, touch, sight and irony are the common threads throughout of the collection, but each with a new aesthetic. Five fragrant seasons that are harmonious throughout the year in any domestic setting.

The mahogany leaf fragrance diffuser is perhaps the piece that best captures the spirit of the collection. The porcelain bowl, white for the four seasons and black for the season of transcendence, is circular with a slightly rounded base.
The leaves used to diffuse a different scent for each season, are made from sapele mahogany, chosen for its porosity and colour, which enhances the silhouette of the design. Only three twigs come into contact with the fragrance: for a more intense scent the elements can be moved around so the dry twigs also absorb the perfume.
The leaf fragrance diffuser is sold together with a 150-ml bottle of essence. The scent lasts for two to three months depending on the temperature and the level of humidity in the home.

The rounded base of the diffuser enables the bowl to rotate: a little push and it begins to spin, allowing the air to circulate among the leaves and the fragrance to disseminate more widely throughout the room.



The Scented candle is housed in a porcelain bowl closed with a decorated ash wood lid, which can also be used as a base. The candles are made from an entirely vegetable – based wax and have a cotton and linen wick. They are 250 grams and last for around 40 hours. The wax and porcelain bowl of the scents dedicated to the four seasons are white, while the fifth season dedicated to transcendence comes in black.

The wax is “Made in Italy”. The lid is made by artisans from the Valle Strona, an area of Lake Orta close to Alessi’s headquarter. This area has been known for its wood craftsmanship since the early 1500s. 

The five scents of Alessi Home Fragrances, 'AHHH', 'HMMM', 'GRRR', 'BRRR' and 'SHHH' represent the transformative, cyclical seasons of life – from renewal and blossoming to decay and beyond. The Five Seasons collection is a love song to nature, which is celebrated through the domestic recreation of the seasons: from the regeneration that follows the cold winter and the blossoming of nature in the spring, to the full flowering of the summer and the harvesting of the autumn fruits. These four traditional seasons are joined by a fifth: a spiritual bouquet that connects to your mysterious inner dimension. 

Hey Ho Hay Ho, off to the fair we go! September 08 2016

We are heading off to the fair in London to see what the new trends are for the upcoming season!

This fair in particular is very exciting as it is the first time we are travelling as parents. What will it be like to combine a tradeshow with looking after a 4 month old will be an interesting new experience.

But that's not the only reason why we are looking forward to it so much. This invitation from Alessi arrived into our inbox and we can't wait to find out what news are in stall from this exciting brand! We love the idea that Alessi and Marcel Wanders have taken inspiration from the Circus for their new range!

Us being away for a week though means there will be no orders shipped until Friday 16th September. Hope this will not inconvenience anyone!


Alberto is in the mood for coffee April 11 2016

We are in complete agreement with Alberto Alessi about the emotionality of deciding what products to use at any given time.  

Can you imagine if you had to put on the same clothes every day you got up? Of course you need different espresso makers to suit your different moods!



Come see us at the Christmas Fair Nov 22nd! November 17 2015

We are very excited to have our first outing into the real world. It's a unique opportunity to meet some of our customers face to face, and can't wait!

With beautiful Clontarf castle as the venue that Christmassy feeling comes with a guarantee. We had a sneak peak this Sunday as they were putting up the tree and starting to deck the halls and already we were thinking mulled wine and minced pies! we weren't far from breaking into a spontaneous 'Jinglebells' rendition!

So if you are looking to make a big dent in your christmas shopping, come and see us and our 53 fellow stall holders for a proper Christmas extravaganza! It's going to be phenomenal!

In the Press March 04 2014

Its very exciting to see your name in print. This Saturday we got out first mention in the press. We were featured in the The Irish Independents Weekend Magazine.

Visa and Mastercard now accepted October 30 2013

As of today you don't need a Paypal account to shop with us. Now you also can use your Visa or Mastercard!

...and we have Take Off! September 04 2013

The website is now fully up and running. We are very excited, and we keep adding more and more products. So make sure you keep checking back so you know what's new!

Thanks to all those that gave us so much valuable feedback during the testing period. We really appreciate it! Even though we are now up and running we would love to continue to hear from you. If there are products you would love to see stocked, or there are other areas you feel we can improve. Please e-mail us on Or by using the form in the 'Contact Us' section of our website.

Ready, steady..... August 14 2013

Not quite GO yet.... but its getting closer...

Starting something new is always a bit daunting. You can prepare and prepare, but at some point you just have to do it. The stock has started to come in, so there is no point in delaying any further. I hope I can enlist a few testers and I can make the site ready for full opening in a couple of days time. There are bound to be a few hitches, but it should be possible to resolve issues as they arise.

New Brand July 31 2013

Its so exciting to discover a new brand that you just love. Even more exciting when you reach an agreement with the company and can start distributing it!

It still will be a while until the order lands, but we are sure that when it does you will be as excited as we are!

Here is a little teaser for you:


Counting down to launch July 22 2013

Its a very exciting time working to launch a new strand to our business. The products end of it we know so well and it all feels so familiar, but at the same time there is a lot to learn in order to move to this new channel to reach the end customer. We hope it will be more trial and success than trial and error!

Keep your eyes on us, and soon you will be rewarded with access to an amazing collection of products handpicked by us!

For now you can have a look at our lovely logos created by our lovely friend at