Hey Ho Hay Ho, off to the fair we go! September 08 2016

We are heading off to the fair in London to see what the new trends are for the upcoming season!

This fair in particular is very exciting as it is the first time we are travelling as parents. What will it be like to combine a tradeshow with looking after a 4 month old will be an interesting new experience.

But that's not the only reason why we are looking forward to it so much. This invitation from Alessi arrived into our inbox and we can't wait to find out what news are in stall from this exciting brand! We love the idea that Alessi and Marcel Wanders have taken inspiration from the Circus for their new range!

Us being away for a week though means there will be no orders shipped until Friday 16th September. Hope this will not inconvenience anyone!


Inspiration on the Danish Riviera! May 13 2015

If you only have a few days free this summer to plan something special, forget about longhaul flights to faraway destinations! Ilse Jacobsen has a beautiful Spa on the Danish riviera. Hornbaek is a picturesque beachtown north of Copenhagen. Because you don't travel so far the positives of the stay isn't wiped out as you trek home across continents! 

As if days lounging on this beach isn't special enough on it's own, you can now also check into Kurbadet for special treatments. There is also a restaurant that offers highend scandinavian cuisine as portrayed in the second series of BBCs Nordic Cookery that will air this summer. It sees Ilse cooking with the program host Tariq Taylor.

A trip to Hornbaek will restore any imbalances you feel, and who knows you might feel as creative as Ilse herself. She always contributes her creative ideas to this gem on the coast, and it's very easy to see  how inspiration would hit you as you wander on this beach with powdery sand between your toes; eating ice-cream and letting the gentle breeze create perfect beach hair for you!

We have already packed our flip flops for our trip in June! We can't wait! 

Check out the Spa here on