What lies beneath? September 07 2014

Sometimes you look at a popular product and  think it's just down to a trend, not giving much fought to why it is that 'everybody' wants this particular product. But then as seasons roll on and the product becomes just more and more popular you start thinking 'there must be something more to this!'

That's also the case with the Ilse Jacobsen Rain jacket; some people might just love how they feel stylish yet sporty while wearing it. Other might feel it's so practical that they can open the two way zipper and be free to move on a bike. Or perhaps the rugby mum only cares about being dry and warm as she stands at the side of a pitch in all types of weather?

There is a lot of technology that goes into looking and feeling this good (as you can see from this diagram). But you don't have to worry about that;  All you have to worry about is which colour to go for!