VALENTINES February 09 2015

Hate it or love it; Valentines is upon us and its your chance to be a cheesy romantic or raunchy rebel. These are our top 10 gifts to help you say what you feel!



Lets get the hearts out of the way first; the heart-shaped teainfuser from Alessi. To say 'I love you', or be more riské and say 'Let me infuse you! 

More hearts; the heart shaped mug from Alessi. To say; 'Curl up one the couch and cuddle me!' Or bought together with the infuser; 'Just like you and me -two things that go together!'


Is this the day you are going to give your loved one the key to your place? Well then you'll need the Alessi Jalk keyring with the message 'You'll be needing this!'


Another, slightly raunchier version of they keyring message can be; 'Take my key and plug me, eh.. sorry it(!) IT when ever you want!

The Qualy Picky Boy, he is a cheeky chappy. Perfect for the 'Pick me!, Pick me!' messages you want to convey!

The Desk Bunny from Qualy is the perfect way to say: 'You're my Honey Bunny!'

The Pop-Up bottle opener from Alessi is the perfect way to your man's heart; 'Pop your beer then you can pop me! What man wouldn't love to hear that!


What better way to share your love than to buy a heart shaped house for your keys; 'You are my lovebird! 


Is your Valentine a fairly new and un-established relationship? Perhaps 'I'll Tweet you!, Guess Who?' with a Chip bird from Alessi sent to their office emits the right message?


Simply think Valentines is shit but know your partner loves it? Secretly rebel by giving them a toiletbrush and disguise it with a 'Let me pop your Cherry!' message!