Daily Rituals with Alessi June 03 2014

Don't you just love that special moment in the day when you get a chance to take a break from your daily grind, sit back and enjoy a quiet moment?

Is breakfast your special time; enjoying boiled eggs and soldiers? Is it the mid-day break dunking a biscuit that gives you the most pleasure? Or are you one of these people that make every day special by indulging in a spot of afternoon tea?

Whether your preference is to sip a coffee or enjoy a cuppa; whether you like a solitary moment of reflection or a chatter with good company,  it is sure to be enhanced by using beautiful quality products. 

Fot me nothing beats a good cup of coffee brewed in my Aldo Rossi press filter, and I love to serve my baked goodies on the foldable Anna Gong cake stand. Those are the moments we need to savour!

I hope you enjoy our Alessi summer promo. At these great prices you can create that very special moment of your own!