ALESSI Vabene Pasta Tester


“Vabene” is a practical and original utensil designed by Miriam Mirri to check if any pasta shape is done. “Vabene” is also suitable for other types of food, such as vegetables or pulses.

The delicate and feminine design of the designer is once again expressed in the theme of everyday objects, turning them into

poetic presences that brighten up the home.

Characteristics / Suggested use.

Made using a complex manufacturing process. The handle is made of precision-cast steel, while the cup is achieved through a series of mechanical steel plate stamping and cutting processes. The special design of the cup requires impeccable workmanship

To check whether food is done, simply dip the pasta tester into boiling water to retrieve what you wish to test. The shape and decoration of the cup make this object perfect for testing all types of pasta, whether long or short, such as spaghetti, linguine, penne, fusilli and so on. Multi-purpose owing to the broad and slightly concave surface of the cup, which makes it perfect for testing various types of food for texture and size, such as vegetables, pulses, eggs. The length of the handle is devised to retrieve food conveniently without being scalded. The grip is convenient and attractive thanks to the curved shape of the tip of the handle.

The “Vabene” pasta tester is part of the Objet Bijoux collection, which are small, delightful objects which make the perfect gift on a special occasion.


An indispensable utensil for any respectable foodie, also ideal for novice cooks.

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