ALESSI Food á porter Thermo insulated bottle


Food à porter is a collection of food and beverage containers that allows you to carry your lunch with you to eat it wherever you want. Designed by Japanese designer Sakura Adachi just like fashion accessories, Food à porter containers have a refined design, characterised by meticulously defined colours, details and finishes. The name expresses precisely this dual nature, the functional aspect and the strong aesthetic value envisioned by the designer for the objects in this original collection.

The collection includes a Lunch box, designed in 2018, to which a Lunch pot, a thermal bottle and a set of cutlery with case are being added in 2020.

Characteristics / suggested use

- Comprised of a container and a cap. The container has a double wall made of steel, with no air inside, ensuring the thermal insulation of the drink contained in it. The cap is made of 100% recyclable PBT thermoplastic resin, which is food safe as it is completely Bisphenol A (BPA) free.
- A seal and the thread ensure the hermetic closure of the bottle. Hermetic closure preserves the taste and aroma of the drink, also avoiding the dispersion of the liquid contained in it.

- The steel container is coloured with a matt finish, while the plastic cap is glossy. The alternation of glossy and matt finishes on the surfaces of the containers is a tribute by the designer to the ancient Japanese tradition for the use of lacquers and enhances the formal sophistication of these objects
- The thermal bottle has a capacity of 500 ml

- Suitable for maintaining the temperature of both hot and cold drinks for a long time (fig.1)
- The neck of the bottle is designed so that drips do not run down it when pouring out your drinks.
- Easy to open, even with just one hand. Practical and compact.
- Easy to clean, the bottle is dishwasher safe while the thermoplastic resin lid. Hand washable, with lukewarm water, non-abrasive sponge and detergent
- Perfect to carry around your favourite drink with you, when travelling, at the office, wherever you like.
- Suitable for those who are always on the move: the hermetic closure makes it practical and safe to carry.
- The bottle is not designed to preserve baby food or for drinks made with hot milk. Use with these contents for a limited amount of time only, to avoid bacteria spreading, and clean thoroughly after use.
- The bottle is provided with a stainless steel filter, to flavour beverages (fig.2)