ALESSI Food à porter lunch box


Two-compartment lunch pot in thermoplastic resin with cooling element, light blue.

Designed by Japanese designer Sakura Adachi just like fashion accessories, Food à porter containers have a refined design. The ideal accessory for lunch in the office, at school or outdoors.

Characteristics / suggested use

- The lunch box comprises two PBT thermoplastic resin containers, plus two lids with silicone seals. A removable cooling element is positioned between the two containers. ((fig.1) The set is completed with a silicone band for transport.

- The thermoplastic resin used to make the containers is food safe. Odourless, tasteless and totally Bisphenol A (BPA) free. 100% recyclable

- The lids press onto the containers.

- The two containers screw together. A small thread allows the two containers to be screwed together, ensuring perfect coupling. (fig.3)

- The capacity of the top container is 200 ml, with the lower container holding 500 ml. (fig.2)

- The cooling element can maintain the temperature for about 4 hours.

- The outer surface of the top container is glossy, while the lower container has a matt finish. The interior surface of both containers is glossy.

- The alternation of glossy and matt finishes on the surfaces of the containers is a tribute by the designer to the ancient Japanese tradition for the use of lacquers and enhances the formal sophistication of these objects

- The glossy inner surface makes it easier to clean the containers

- Equipped with a silicone strap that ends in a handle allowing you to carry the Lunch pot like a handbag.

- Spacious, compact and extremely versatile thanks to the presence of two lids and the possibility to insert the cooling

element, the Lunch pot can be used to carry and consume a variety of foods: salads, yoghurt and cereals, pasta, soups...

- If warming your food, the containers are suitable for microwave heating only.

- The lids have a small opening, closed by a silicone cap. The lids indicate the time and power limits applicable whenusing the microwave: a time of no more than 3 minutes and a maximum power of 500.

- Before placing the containers in the microwave, the cap must be opened so that the steam produced can escape during heating. The cap can also be opened to make it easier to remove the lid that hermetically seals the container. (fig.4)

- On the base of the bottom container, there are symbols to indicate performance: suitable for food contact, dishwasher safe, suitable for microwave use.

- Available in two colour versions: red or light blue containers with pink band.

- The lids in all four versions are grey

- The containers are dishwasher safe, as long as they are placed in the upper rack so that they do not come into contact with the heating elements. The silicone band must be washed by hand using a neutral detergent.

- Do not use abrasive sponges or detergents when washing by hand.

- The ideal accessory for lunch in the office, at school or outdoors. A perfect companion for those who prefer to eat food prepared at home or who have to follow a special diet.

Net Weight

0,590 Kg


50.00 cl


11.00 cm

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