ALESSI Away Thermal Bottle


Double wall thermo insulated bottle in coloured 18/10 stainless steel, blue. Infuser and strainer in 18/10 stainless steel. Lid with clip in recycled plastic.

“Observing the numerous water bottles that have become so popular in recent years as part of a drive to discourage the use of disposable plastic bottles, I have always thought that they failed to express on a formal and functional level their new type of use, which no longer revolves around the table but is strongly linked to a dynamic, on-the-go use: in the office, travelling, during sport. This was the inspiration behind the idea of Away, a drinks bottle that combines a steel body of sleek, understated design, with a lid in recycled plastic that forms a maxi clip designed to facilitate carrying while also giving the object expressive punch and character. Whether carried by hand, attached to a backpack or clipped to a belt, the large clip creates a new way of carrying and interacting with the drinks bottle, which is nonetheless an instinctive and natural gesture as it has already become second nature to everyone, with its iconic shape serving as a reminder. Lastly, three bold, contemporary colours have been chosen to openly declare the urban nature of the object.” Alessandro Stabile

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