ALESSI Alba Truffle slicer


The design concept for the “Alba” Truffle slicer, created by Ben Van Berkel of UN Studio, takes its inspiration from the intertwining of tree roots and the precious tuberous fungus that lives in symbiosis with them. A completely original shape, for a traditional tool linked to refined gastronomic rituals. A sculptural, refined object that is also functional and ergonomic. “Alba” is the perfect tool for serving, enjoying and also celebrating truffles: a mysterious delicacy from the Piedmont region.

Characteristics / Suggested use.
- Made in 18/10 stainless steel with a polished finish. The blade, in 420 steel for exceptional sharpness, is produced by a long-standing Italian company specialised in blades and fine cutting instruments
- The sculptural design of the Truffle slicer is not merely a question of pleasing aesthetics, but makes the tool manageable and functional too. The handle has been carefully studied to ensure it is ergonomic and well-balanced in the hand
- The unusual shape of “Alba” enhances the performance of the Truffle slicer. The part which houses the blade forms an angle with the handle, a feature that facilitates use and reduces the pressure generally exerted on the wrist while slicing truffles
- An adjustment mechanism makes it possible to obtain different thicknesses of truffle slivers, from 0 to 3 millimetres. After use, the blade can be completely closed for safe storage of the tool