Thin filleting knife


Filleting knife in steel. Handle in thermoplastic resin. 32.7cm


Thin” is the Knife for the kitchen with the long, flexible blade that’s ideal for cutting ham, salmon or meat, designed by Anna and Gian Franco Gasparini. Excellent for skinning and filleting fish too. The thin blade easily penetrates the dense pulp of pineapples and watermelons, yet it slices easily through cakes too.


The aim of the “Tatau” knives (this is the original Polynesian definition of “tattoo”) was to bring together in one single, 5-piece range all the cutting operations that can be carried out with kitchen knives. Their handles are only lightly shaped to ensure more grip freedom, because the way of holding a knife varies according to the specific cutting operation. To make it easier for the user, the various types of grip are shown on the blades and are visually associated with the food icons, using the same graphic symbols usually found on the hob. “Peel” is the knife used for cleaning fruit and vegetables. With its well-balanced dimensions and all-round cutting ability, “MPK” (multi-purpose knife) is the knife most commonly used in the kitchen, so it has a red handle that makes it easier to spot on the work surface. “Thin” has a long, flexible blade that's ideal for cutting ham, salmon or meat. Or even for skinning and filleting fish. “Thick”, on the other hand, has a long, stiff blade for cutting meat, fish and vegetables. The serrated blade of “Tusk” is designed for foods with a crust or tough fibre.

The knives and the knife block are all sold separately.

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