ALESSI Fiato sul Collo Necklace


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Fiato sul collo necklace is an incredibly graphic and airy sculpture by Mario Trimarchi. It looks like small pieces of paper blown by wind... The fragmented sculptural form is a result of a remarkable work with steel. This necklace joins together fine rectangular steel plates. Fiato sul collo plays with full and empty spaces and the magic of light and dark. It is a piece of jewellery as unexpected as brilliant ideas, as asymmetrical as morning rain, and as badly organized as dreams of liberty... Fiato sul collo necklace looks wonderful with Alisei earrings. Fiato sul collo is a part of “La Stanza dello Scirocco” (Italian for “Scirocco room”) collection that takes inspiration in the atmosphere of a magical place –a room in old houses in the Sicilian countryside where one is forced to stay safe from the stifling heat and to wait for the Sirocco to stop. A room without windows where you don’t do anything else than think about the wind that is turning everything upside down outside...

In detail:

  • Variation : Mirror polished steel
  • Brand : Alessi
  • Designer : Mario Trimarchi
  • Colour : Mirror polished steel
  • Material : Mirror polished 18/10 stainless steel
  • Dimensions : W 19 x H 17.5 cm
  • Country of Manufacture : Italy

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