Espresso maker 6 cup


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Six-cup espresso coffee maker, in 18/10 stainless steel with cast iron handle. Capacity 30cl
The 9090 isn't just the first espresso coffee maker in Alessi's history: it was also Alessi's first object for the kitchen after the 1930s, the first of Alessi's many Compasso d'Oro awards (1979), Alessi's first object to be inducted into the Permanent Design Collection at the New York MOMA, and of course it's the best-loved Alessi coffee maker bar none, as well as Alessi's first "amphibious object", i.e. it is for kitchen use, but with its high design quality it can also be brought directly to the table.
This size will make 6 espresso cups at full capacity and 3 if the reducer is used.

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